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Welcome to Hillbillies MCC

Scottish Family Bike Club founded in 1999

Hillbillies Motor Cycle Club (MCC) began in 1999 as a small, but dedicated group of motorbike enthusiasts in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland. The club moved its base to Mauchline several years later and since 2007 also has a branch in Greenock.

We are a family club that welcomes women and members' children. This friendly culture has helped the club to continue its success. Hillbillies MCC still sticks to the original aims of riding bikes, having a good time and supporting local charities.

Hillbillies MCC at Combat Stress Open Day
Hillbillies rock nights and charity ride-outs boost funds which we donate at Easter to the Children's Unit at Crosshouse Hospital and throughout the year to a variety of local charities including Combat Stress at Hollybush House and McMillan Cancer Support.

The famous Hillbillies 'Easter Egg Run'

Every year, Hillbillies MCC organises a charity Easter Egg Run from Mauchline to Crosshouse Hospital on Easter Saturday.

To find out more, visit our Easter Egg Run page

Hillbillies Easter Egg Run - Crosshouse Hospital
THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed and helped to support these runs over the years!

Hillbillies Fund Raising

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our fundraising over the years.
We couldn't do it without your help!

Hillbillies MCC Greenock Fund Raising

For more photos of past fund raising events, see the photos page.

Hillbillies Rock Nights

Hillbillies Rock Night Dance

For more photos of our rock nights, see the photos page.

Hillbillies Bike Runs

Hillbillies Bike Run

For more photos of past runs and trips, see the photos page.

Hillbiilies Camps & Rallies

Hillbillies Camping

For photos of past camps and rallies, see the photos page.

Hillbillies on Tour

Hillbillies on Tour - BBBQ Arkansas
'Bikes Blues and BBQ', Arkansas, USA.

For more photos of our tours, see the photos page.

Hillbillies Weddings

Kevin and Ally's Wedding

Hillbillies Wedding
Sid and Josie's Wedding

For more photos of Hillbillies weddings, see the photos page.


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Hillbillies MCC helps
raise funds to support
good causes including...

Crosshouse Hospital Children's Ward

Combat Stress Hollybush House, Ayr

We are MacMillan Cancer Support

Mauchline Holy Fair Annual Gala Day

CLIC Sargent in Prestwick

BWR Bikefest at Harleys in Ayr

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